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TC in India: Impressions of participants

1st Training Course EUASAN

Aurangabad, India

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Summary of the TC

EurAsian Social ActiveNation (EUASAN) aims to foster trans-continental cooperation in community development (CD) between countries and organizations of Europe (Greece, Spain, Hungary) and Asia (India, Vietnam).

EUASAN comprises of 5 interrelated events (1 Kick off meeting, 2 Training Courses, 1 local implementation in home countries and 1 Final Evaluation meeting) and it will last a total 2 years.

The overall aim is to foster development of communities (marginalised, school, rural area, volunteering and young people with fewer opportunities) by using two interrelated methods a) non-formal education (NFE) for self-development and leadership skills enhancement b) education through sport (ETS).

Beyond EurAsian development between the 6 partners each organization shares common fields of work area where new practices and tools offered by NFE and ETS will add extra value to fostering community engagement, social inclusion, active participation and citizenship. ETS methodology was chosen as it consists of the integration and implementation of sport elements to be used for educational purpose to address social issues, develop social competences and provoke a lasting social transformation. 

EUASAN capacity building project will develop communities on two level: 1) European and Asian youth leaders/workers to build intercultural relations and understanding between these 2 regions 2) within the organizations and their field of work. Participants to gain necessary skills and become trainers/facilitators to involve communities and turn them into active and happy citizens by creating platforms/activities for inclusion.


AENAO / Greece


DISHA International Foundation Trust / India

Hope for Children / Hungary


SJ Vietnam / Vietnam.

Impressions from Greek participants....

Sofia, Greece

“I feel richer and fuller after this journey. In EUASAN training course we used non-formal education technics in order to learn about leadership. What makes these technics unique is the interactive experience that you gain. In the beginning using energizers helps the group to feel as a unity. After that through games you have the chance to take initiatives, work as team and maybe make mistakes. In other words, you can live what have been told in the day’s topic. In the end during group discussion you have the chance to discuss, expand ideas and summarize the day. During this non-formal education procedure, we had the chance to learn and live the different styles of leadership, we emphasize to the fact that every person can make the change and only one is needed to start the revolution. We discussed the case study of Indian children who took initiatives and became leaders themselves. Moreover, through games we understood the meaning and importance of the unity and how third factors try to divide the society or the group even if in the end the goal is mutual. We discussed the case study of Indian children who took initiatives and became leaders themselves. Moreover, through games we understood the meaning and importance of the unity and how third factors try to divide the society or the group even if in the end the goal is mutual. Furthermore, we analyzed the role of the leader in a group and what is his/her power without the people. Last but not least, we were totally immersed by the energy, history and beauty of this country. For one week we were honored to be welcomed in a different civilization of another continent. As this journey came to an end, I would say that teamwork, multitasking, problem solving, understanding and respecting were some of the values that this project cultivated in us, while also help us realize that cultural differences and language are not a barrier when it comes to make friends."

Niki, Greece

“This training course was a life changing experience!It was amazing to see this different culture and share these 9 days with new awesome people.This civilization and way of life changes something inside you and makes you redefine your values and attitudes of life. During the sessions we had the chance to develop our leadership skills through experimental exercises, to share our passion, to be inspired and to inspire others.Working in small groups gave us the chance to get to know each other better and created a safe space to express ourselves. The trainers really contributed to the group dynamic and kept the interest undisturbed by adding daily knowledge through games, real examples of everyday routine and role-playing games. We shared our experiences, we found common values with others, we gained important tools to use in our youthwork and we envisaged our future actions based on them. We really spend a lot of quality time and we create a great base to built on in our next training course. We were the right people at the right place at the right time and everybody contributed to that result.”

Christina, Greece

For me the training course was a unique experience as I had the opportunity to visit a country like India, meet new people from different cultures and enhance my knowledge about the concept of Leadership. Through this course I discovered the local culture of India and I learnt a lot of new things about this wonderful country. The people were amazing and very welcoming! The training course was well-organized, the trainers had a very good communication with the participants and they helped us work as a team. The activities were very interesting, creative and energetic. During the course we participated in various games which helped as act like a Leader. We focused on the values that a great leader should have and we analyzed the general concept of Leadership. Furthermore, we discussed about the social problems of each participating country, the stereotypes and the prejudice that every community confronts. We also analyzed the forms of education and the different styles of Leadership. Finally, we came a bit more close to the nationalities participating in the course in the intercultural night, when every country had a presentation about its traditional music, food and customs. At the end of the training course, we had a city tour in some historical places of India, the Elora Caves and Mini Taj Mahal were very impressive and representative of Hinduism civilization and architecture.

Impressions from Hungarian participants

Renáta Németh, Máté Takács and János Radics, Hungary

We got the opportunity to participate in a project 18-26 May in India named "EURASIAN SOCIAL ACTIVE NATION”. We would like to thank Hope for Children without Them this journey could not have been created. Three of us participated in the project, Renáta Németh, Máté Takács and János Radics. Our coordinator was Orsolya Cziráki. This training was the first stage of a two-year project involving three to three delegates from five nations. India, Vietnam, Greece, Spain and, last but not least, Hungary was represented at this event. The aim of the project is to develop participants' self-knowledge, conductivity, organizational skills, and learn what sports learning means. From the beginning we were really excitedbecause it was our first trip to Asia. We flew from Budapest alone to Bombay where we met the other participants with whom we flew to Aurangabad. We were hosted in the city of Aurangabad in Maharashtra state. The city is a tourism, education and industrial hub, surrounded by many historical monuments, indcludiong the Ajante Cavesand Ellora Caves, whisch are UNESCO World HeritageSites, as well as Bibi KaMaqbara and Panchakki. On the evening of arrival we had dinner together with the hosts. The organizers did not leave a lot of rest, and on the first day we started training with a little acquaintance, so-called ice-breaking tasks. Since we spent 4x 1.5 hours learning each day, we started the lessons with energizers, that is, fun and refreshing tasks before each performance. At the end of the day, we were divided into families. The first day was closed with quiz games, which created a fantastic atmosphere. The second day's main theme was the good leader. This is done through a variety of group work, drawings, drawings, posters, and the keywords that best describe the good leader. Everyone was very creative. At the end of the day there was the Indian and Vietnamese evening. They have shown their own culture habits. It was great to see and learn new cultural things. In the next two days, we made statements and quotes for various topics that we chose. We held a presentation about ourselves and our organization. We learned a lot from each other. At the end of the day, the Greeks, the Spanish and the Hungarians were made dance, games and videos about their cultural mores. We were looking forward to the fifth day. With the Indians, we were divided into 4 groups, and then we had to explore the city together with different tasks. We made a lot of pictures of famous buildings and statues. It was great to experience the kindness and helpfulness of local residents. We even made tongue twister games! On a sixth day we got heavy topics. Social issues and definitions are being discussed, such as the concept of integration and segregation, the difficulties of disabled peoples and their involvement in society, and the concept of migration. It is not easy to talk about these because it is difficult to formulate in our own language what we think about it. The seventh day we discovered Aurangabad. We visited the Ellora Caves, which was a wonderful human creation. It was a fascinating sight. Then we visited Bibi ka Maqbara. The last day we discussed the opportunities offered by Erasmus +, as well as it was the last day of the project. We have learned a lot from both instructors and each other. We became a real family, so it was difficult to say goodby actually see you soon! We arrived with positive memories and life experiences in Hungary. In the hope of further successful cooperation, we look forward to the next station, which will be in Spain, Elche.

Impressions from Spanish participants

Silvia Lozano, Spain

1. What is important to be a good leader? 2. What can you do to work for a better world? 3. What kind of habilities are necessaries to be a good leader? 4. Can you describe your habilities? 5. What is the most important for you? in your job? with your family? with your friends? 6. Do you think that Erasmus + is an opportunity to learn? This are some of questions that you can answer in this Erasmus + Project with some organizations from Asia and Europe (EUASAN). Vietnam, India, Greece, Hungary and Spain, was working during a week some topics: leadership, social inclusion, youth work, prevention. You can have an exchange about some topics. You have the opportunity to live with diferent people from differnt countries to know all that you want know. How was our metodology? You can learn to learn, you can speak with people from other countris about this topics in their citys, you can ask and then, you can see our differences and our things in common with this kind of activities. Non formal education, is a good and important way to learn, is an opportunity to have new experiences and to see the life with different eyes. #EUASAN #ACD LA HOYA#

Mario Gomez, Spain

"Hi everyone i want to share how I lived my India experience, the topic of the project was self-development and leadership for the development of the community through sports. I attended as part of the association ACD La HOYA co-funded by the European Union. Everyday we made different workshops that we spoke all the countries together (Spain, Greece, Hungary, Vietnam, and India), Some examples of the workshops that we did was to learn the different kind of leaders, problem solving, different group dynamics and websites where to get all this information. In the workshops we did a theoric presentation either on a blackboard or through a group dynamics, then we did different groups mixing each contries and we debated on the topic. We learnt of the different points of view of all the countries since each one had its own context. As regards the logistics of the project I liked, everybody was very kind and polite with us. We were located in a hotel in the city Aurangabad. In the rooms we were located 2 people from different countries. All workshops and activities were held in the conference room of the hotel, It was well equipped with the necessary materials that we needed. We made two excursions to visit the city and surroundings, one of these was to meet the people of the town and another to visit tourists areas of the city (Kailsa Temple) and the mini taj mahal (Bibi Ka Maqbara) among others. Regarding the food, the first night they took us to a typical local Indian restaurant, it was a great experience. The rest of the days the hotel's food was good, at first it was very spicy for my taste, but the later days already separated the food with their different sauces and each one decided how spicy was the food. To conclude I can say that this has been one of the best projects that I have been because the topic I liked and I work of this and I have learned a lot about a new culture and reinforced what I already knew. Waiting for the second part of the project that is in October of 2018.

Marina Rodriguez, Spain

At the end of may took place a meeting of three European countries (Hungary, Greece and Spain) with two Asiatics (India and Vietnam) to participate in a training course organized by Erasmus +. ACD La hoya was the organization which coordinated the Spanish group, they were the ones who gave us, Silvia LoMar, Mario Gómez López and me this incredible opportunity. We were in Aurangabad, India, where we spent a wonderfull week talking and debating leadership and self-development of the community through sport. The project consists of two partes, this first one in india was focused mainly in the theory of leadership and self-development. Everyday we would wake up and start our day with workshops and speeches in which we all contributed sharing our different opinions. This lasted the whole morning, thanks to this we got to share our time with people from different countries and cultures with whom we lived for a week. We learnt what leadership was, the qualities a leader should have, the types of leadership, and more..., the most important part of this was that we could share and compare our points of view seeing how the cultures in different countries are, which can be the most shocking thing. During the project we left the project a few times as well. We went on an excursion to see the Ellora caves and a temple named Bibi Ka Maqbara. Also, we could explore the enormous city of Aurangabad during our free time where we could see how crowded the streets are and how sunny and difficult it is to walk on these streets. The food was the hardest part for me. We always had lunch in the hotel, as well as breakfast and dinner. Workers there were always looking after us and providing food so that we couldn't leave hungry. Everyday we would find pots full of rice and sauces, which were always spicy, weather or not they said so or not. They would always provide different kind of vegetables which were very useful for me to prepare my salad. However, it was a pleasure being able to taste all those exotic dishes. The second part of the project will be in Alicante, in october. where we will gather again to finish the training on leadership and to take to the practice all the knowledge we've collected. Knowing how well it went on this first part, it looks like the second part will not let us down. I couldn't be happier I had the chance to meet you all and to take part in this incredible leadership project. This was an amazing experience I know I'll never be able to repeat nor forget... Our trainers were the greatest, and so were the participants... I am very grateful I got to be chosen for a project like Euasan while there are so many people after Erasmus+ trying to participate. Thanks to this I was able to get absorbed by the Indian culture and to go to places I never thought I could. It's such a pity this is over... but there's still a bit of happiness in me knowing we will be hosting you again in October!

Impressions from Vietnamese participants...

Lizzie, Vietnam

"A training course has turned me back into my dream. 8 days in Aurangabad were the greatest experiences for me so far. I have been done many training courses and volunteer projects but this time is something different, I have learned, shared, experienced and understood from people that I have never met before, it inspired me to reach my dream and made me dare to dream. The lessons and games or sharing sessions were being a bridge to connect us : participants to trainers , project to local community, countries to countries and it seemed like we have no borders to explore and learn about each other. I had shared my experiences, learned from the course and the others participants, created friendships and I left my love there. From all stories have been told, all knowledge have been taught and shared, I realized that we all have beautiful dreams and we can do it if it is the reason to make our life be happier. We also understand that we all have our own problems that we need to face and overcome, but as long as we want to make our dreams come true, we will never be alone on your way, and it is how people in this project had inspired me to look back and decide to chase my dream again.

DJ, Vietnam

I've been in many training courses as a positive volunteer and I'd love to put this one as one of the best I've joined with many fancy paticipants from different countries, amazing lessons with two funny and enthusiastic trainers (cute sometimes) even though the weather was the first challenged but training me to adapt with new environment (awesome). For me, it's going as the motto of SJ Vietnam that Volunteering for Learning, Sharing and to be Responsible that we were all sharing our experiences, knowledge, skills through many active activities and also have great time to sharing, listening and understanding our own problems that we were and be face to face then I strongly believe that we were being full fill our knowledge, enriching our culture and collect many useful tools to contribute and expand our warm heart to our communities. Thank you for all the time we had in Aurangabad and Looking forward to seeing more interesting in Spain.

Nhi Nguyen, Vietnam

I am sitting at the office in my crowded city, throwing my mind and body back to the wonderful and unforgettable moments I've been through in Aurangabad. --- THE NON-FORMAL EDUCATION THEME The non-formal education theme was well-applied during the first training. As I am not the type of person who learn everything just by sitting, listening and reading without practicing. Therefore, I was so impressed on the way our trainers turned those boring theories into lively activities. Leadership and self-development are the familiar topics for Marketing student like me. However, it’s obviously much easier to really understand these two by graphics, pictures, videos, discussions, games, psychological test, interactive and outdoor activities given by Antonio, Natalyia and other participants. I felt in love with almost all activities, but the most awesome ones were Crocodile game. These opened my mind about the “hidden messages", the effective teamwork and the way we see problems in different perspectives, then find the best solutions that win everyone's heart. Playing Dark Stories and all drawing sections were also my favorite as I had chances to strengthen my critical and creativity thinking as well as public speaking and problem-solving skill. THE PURPOSE I felt so related when our beloved trainers share their thoughts about the purpose of the project. For me, EUASAN is different from other ERASMUS+ program like EVS. The participants did not come just to have fun and return with nothing. We involved in firstly because we cared about the social issues, would love to give and take new ideas, new perspectives, new collaborations among 5 countries, then to make changes and develop our own projects. The Discover the leader in me was the most touching parts for me. It's the first time I presented my passion about doing social work after quitting my job as a 100-percent-profitable Marketer. Besides, listening to my adorable friends’ hard work, journey and even “untold stories" also helped me nourish my mind and soul, brought me the strong belief and “fire" to follow my career path. After this section, many vulnerable hearts came together and shared deeper thoughts on each other project which drew the very first step for the highlighted result and positive collaboration among countries in the near future. After this section, my respect and love for other participants and even myself were at the highest levels. ENDING This is my very first time joining in ERAMUS+ project as well as discovering India, but all the best did happen. I was so lucky to be a part of EUASAN project, to meet all these beloved and kind people, to reinvent my-new-self and to keep going for the future. See you all in Spain. And maybe in Vietnam very soon.

Impressions from Idian participants...

Anirudha Joshi, India

Aim of the project: EurAsian social active nation (EUASAN) aims to foster trans – continental cooperation in community development between countries and organizations of Europe (Greece, Spain, and Hungary) and Asia (India and Vietnam).using sports as a tool. Experience of the project: First of all I would like to say thanks to the Disha international foundation for giving me this opportunity to participate in Erasmus plus project and to represent my country. It always a great experience to represent your country on international platform .the uniqueness of this project was the training sessions designed by the trainers was not like the same as college or university based it was so planned and systematically created for us in which they have divided a sessions in different flavors are as fallows (1) Energizer before the main activity to motivate and refresh the mind for the training session. (2) In each session we had different types of creativity based activity to develop leadership quality. (3) We learned difference between formal, non-formal, informal education. (4) The trainers divided four groups by giving them four different surnames (Singh, kapoor, Sharma, khan) to discuss about whole day activities to share each other’s experience. (5) Time based task was designed for us to complete the task in given time so that we learned how to work as a team and how the contribution of each member of them is important for any task. It was a great experience to communicate with the other participants because of the project I found new friends from different countries the language was not the barer to communicate with others the environment created by the organizers and the trainers was so comfortable . I got to know about the tradition, culture, and history of the different countries through cultural nights I got a chance to taste food from different countries at the same time I got a chance to share my views about the tradition and culture of my country .we visited different places of beautiful city Aurangabad .the experience to visit elora caves was so amazing lastly I want to say that because of this project I learned using sports as a tool how to work in a team ,to be with your team as a family ,and a good leadership quality.  Accommodation & food facilities The accommodation facility was so comfortable hotel service was good and food facilities was also very nice& delicious. I felt comfortable from very first day of project.


This was a great opportunity for me. This was my Second international project with DISHA INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION TRUST Aurangabad, India. I had learned a lot's of new skills and also developed my own skills while participating in this project. This was an brilliant platform for us to develop ourselves in Leadership, Team Building and another qualities. We had some energizers to energies the body and mind before starting the Session. Then also now we have some International friends from Spain, Greece, Hungary, Vietnam and Nepal. Also we visited the Ellora Caves and Bibi Ka Makbra this places for known for us but while visiting with this team I got some more and important information about the caves and Bibi ka Makbra. We had cultural nights with the help of cultural nights we learn about the culture of other participant countries. We tasted their food and watched their cultural Dance. We had some fun activities and games with help of them we learned some rules about the life and while facing the problems in our life. The all day's was with something interesting memories and new learning. I would like to thanks Mr. Kerron Vaishnav and DISHA INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION TRUST for giving me this opportunity.

Vinay Gaikwad, DIFT India

“This training course was the best experience of my life! I consider myself lucky that I got this opportunity from the Disha International Foundation Trust, Aurangabad (India). That 9 day will be unforgettable for me for the rest of my life. I like the format of the entire schedule because it made it easy to understand all the skill and attitudes a leader must have. Thought the small energizers and exercises we had the opportunity to get to know each other better. In this project I have gained new knowledge, developed new skills and improved my own. During intercultural nights we had the opportunity to share some of our culture and to get in touch with the culture of other countries through music, dance, pictures food that they shared. Now I feel like I have best friends from Spain, Greece, Hungary and Vietnam. During the study visit we went to see the famous Ellora caves and Bibi Ka Makbara. Evan for me as a local this visit was substantive because I learnt details that I didn’t know about the history of these monuments. We made so strong relationships as a group and the last day it become hard to be separated but as we know we have a phase 2 of the project in Spain and we are looking forward to meet each other again there. It was very good memory for me. I would like to thanks Mr. Kerron Vaishnav for gave me such an opportunity.