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What is this about?

EurAsian Social ActiveNation (EUASAN) aims to foster trans-continental cooperation in community development (CD) between countries and organizations of Europe (Greece, Spain, Hungary) and Asia (India, Nepal, Vietnam).

EUASAN comprises of 5 interrelated events:

… and it will last a total 2 years.

Overall Aim
Community Development 100%
The overall aim is to foster development of communities (marginalised, school, rural area, volunteering and young people with fewer opportunities) by using two interrelated methods a) non-formal education (NFE) for self-development and leadership skills enhancement b) education through sport (ETS).
Catherine Amoutzia
Coordinating NGO Manager

Beyond EurAsian development between the 6 partners each organization shares common fields of work area where new practices and tools offered by NFE and ETS will add extra value to fostering community engagement, social inclusion, active participation and citizenship. ETS methodology was chosen as it consists of the integration and implementation of sport elements to be used for educational purpose to address social issues, develop social competences and provoke a lasting social transformation.

EUASAN capacity building project will develop communities on two level: 1) European and Asian youth leaders/workers to build intercultural relations and understanding between these 2 regions 2) within the organizations and their field of work. Participants to gain necessary skills and become trainers/facilitators to involve communities and turn them into active and happy citizens by creating platforms/activities for inclusion.

Partner organizations

Coordinator: AENAO – Greece

Contact: Catherine Amoutzia, MD, MSc – President  

Communications coordinator contact: Orsolya Cziráki 



Reményt a Gyermekeknek (Hope for Children) – Hungary

Disha International Foundation Trust – India

Campaign for Change – Nepal

SJ – Vietnam

project timeline briefly

  1. Training Course I (INDIA, DISHA 18-26 May 2018) “Self-development & leadership for community development”
  2. Training Course II (SPAIN, ACD LA HOYA 22-30 October 2018) “Education through sport tools/methods for community development training of trainers”.

Scheduled activities

Training Course I (INDIA, DISHA
18-26 May 2018)

Self-development & leadership for community development” Participants: 18 youth workers - 3 person per country, without age limits Aim: self development & leadership training of trainers by NFE methods (to create the right base for stage 2 of ETS within the individuals).

Training Course II (SPAIN, ACD LA HOYA 22-30 October 2018)

“Education through sport tools/methods for community development training of trainers”. Participants: 18 youth workers - 3 persons per country, without age limits (same people as on previous TC) Aim: Education through sport tools/methods for community development training of trainers.

Local Activities

Implementation round at home organizations/countries after acquired knowledge on the 2 TC-s: 6 local activities in 6 partner countries will be implemented by the 3 person of each organization who took part in the TC-s. These local activities will be created by the participants after the TC-s using the NFE and ETS methods they learned for long-term community development and lasting social transformation.


Implement all the competences Design local project for the local community using the competences learnt. Present, test and improve the local project. Publish and promote the tool. Develop the guidelines for use the local project as attractive youth education and integration tool.

We estimate that 360 young people will be involved in these local activities, taking in consideration that 60 young people will be participating in each country.
The Euasan Team