The N.G.O Α.Ε.Ν.Α.Ο was established in 2006 in Thessaloniki in order to promote health, on its wide sense, and to encourage the dialogue between science, culture and religion. It occupies a group of scientists- volunteers and is coordinated by experienced scientists.

AENAO aims to:

  • Promote health by creating networks and implementing projects based on non-formal education and learning by experience methodology.
  • Inform the community on issues regarding science in the broad sense, culture, religion and education.
  • Undertake national and international collaboration with reliable agents, in order to exchange experience and best practices.
  • Design programs that encourage social cohesion, protect the human rights and respect the environment.
  • Empower women to take initiatives and improve their socio-economic status.
  • Empower young people, enhance and build their personal skills.
  • Inform society on innovative programs and activities.
  • Organize campaigns and initiatives that benefit the society.

AENAO’s educational material in the field of health promotion (project “Addicted to life” dealing with smoking prevention) won the first award and has been recommended for the school curriculum.

Additionally the projects “Captain Cook” dealing with healthy lifestyle and “Crash test revised”, dealing with conflict management became “best practices”.

AENAO is an active member of “Healthy Network” “ORESTIS” and Anna Lindh foundation.

AENAO has great experience in local, national and international projects. The topics are explored by learning by doing methodology and non formal education.

In 2008 AENAO, in a pilot project, introduced non formal education in the university settings. The project had very positive impact among the university students and non formal education was adopted as strategic in MSc degrees.

AENAO cooperates with schools, youth clubs, municipalities, health centres and local authorities and implements projects that arise from the needs’ assessment of the target groups.

The ACD LA HOYA  born in 1982 in La Hoya, group of friends with same hobbies diced to create the organizations and give space for the youngsters in La Hoya to do the things that they like.

There are 4 sectors in our association: 



“European Projects”

“Youth Center”

The main aim is  to give the youth and adults possibilities to spend their free time by doing useful activities, to support bottom up initiatives of the young and adults.

To open international projects for young and adult people, promote youth initiative in improving social work and  facilitating the integration of young people into society especially those of rural areas by involving them in our work

Encouraging their creative spirit that helps increasing youth participation in both local community and society in general. The association has a good cooperation with a local school, high school, municipality and different stakeholders.

In the last 15 years we were involve in youth in action and erasmus+ projects.

We send around 1000 people in all Europe

And host more that 35 project in the organization

We are a hosting and sending EVS organization, we send around 70 volunteers and host 20.

We were also involve in Long life learning projects, Grundtvig, Leonardo, Seniors, Intership.

Hope for Children Hungary aims at helping and defending the enforcement of the children’s rights which are set in writing in the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child. Hope for Children Hungary pays special attention to the fact that children’s rights are not the degraded correspondences of the primary rights which are adult people’s legal due: they are special rights which arise from the special status of the children’s age, physical and mental abilities.

Hope for Children Hungary is acting as an intermediary between the companies, the institutions of the secondary and higher education and the society on one hand and the children, young people in emergency and their families on the other hand. Acting as a go-between Hope for Children Hungary aims at forwarding the financial and material donation to the adequate, right places as well as at coordinating the volunteer and professional human resources. During our activity we support not only the underprivileged, disadvantaged children in state care and families who can be seen but we pay attention to the latent cases as well.

Inter-institutional co-operation is to be thanked for the fact that Hope for Children Hungary appears as a coordinator which is absorbing – within the framework of organized programs – volunteers, trainees, interns and young specialists who are interested in protection of children. Young people have the possibilities to join in already running projects but they also can start their own projects and background surveys as well: in the latter case these projects enjoy the professional assistance of our organization and the inspiring effect of the interdisciplinary setting.

DISHA International Foundation Trust is educational non-government non-profit organization based in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. We are cooperating with all groups of people in community, but we are mostly focused on work with youth, as India is country with high rate of young people. 

We are specialized in the field of capacity building, personality development, foreign languages, communication and soft skills, environmental and social responsibility awareness and providing intercultural experience through hosting volunteers from all over the world, organizing events and seminars increasing general awareness, intercultural differences awareness, realizing individuality and individual responsibility, contributing to community work and social responsibility and active participation of community citizens.

We are working on linking and increasing cooperation between formal education and private sector with purpose of increasing practical knowledge and general knowledge, move focus from memorizing information to logical and critical thinking and implementation of learned knowledge to increase employability especially of young people. We cooperate with many local colleges and various partners to reach stated goals.

DISHA International Foundation Trust is newly founded, but we have previous relevant experience performing activities as Disha International English Academy. This organization was founded as proprietorship focused on tuition classes, but then there originated a need of widen services more related to the field of non-profit services and community help increasing general awareness of important topics as education, environment and natural protection, intercultural dialogue etc. Therefore there came natural step to found an NGO to promote activities towards community and get donations, fundings and participate in grant schemes to help the performance.

Solidarités Jeunesses Vietnam (SJ Vietnam) is an international youth NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) that promotes values of solidarity, peace and tolerance through youth citizenship projects to improve society during and after the voluntarism. It was set up in 2004 by international and Vietnamese volunteers with the coordination of Mr Pierre De Hanscutter and Miss Do Thi Phuc. SJ Vietnam is managed by and for young volunteers with the support of UNDP Vietnam at the beginning. SJ Vietnam is an independent Vietnamese branch of SJ France, a full member of CCVIS (UNESCO) and NVDA, a partner of YAP and Alliance. SJ Vietnam is an independent, non-political and non-religious organization open to everybody without any distinction of nationality, race, philosophy, financial resource, education or sex. In 2009, SJ Vietnam officially hosted 500 international volunteers and counted 3256 local members aged between 15 and 35 years old.


By developing international volunteering, we aim to:

1. Work towards a society of justice, peace and solidarity.
2. Break cultural misunderstanding between people and nations.
3. Improve local and global environment, provide informal education, help to reduce poverty and strengthen human rights
4. Encourage young people to participate actively in the society in which they live.

The SJ Vietnam slogan reads: “Tình nguyên để sẻ chia, hoc hỏi và trưởng thành”, which can be translated as: “Volunteer for sharing, learning and being responsible”.

SJ Vietnam organizes short-and long-term workcamps and projects, actions of social integration, training activities and international solidarity actions.

All volunteers, both Vietnamese and international, are warmly welcomed to join and participate in the projects provided by SJ Vietnam. Furthermore, Vietnamese volunteers are sent abroad to participate in volunteering projects of partner organizations all over the world.