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The first developed activity (30th January 2019)  was at a communitary level with the aim of providing and encouraging integration and participation to the district of La Hoya, which belongs to the city of Elche (Alicante). With this activity, we wanted to foment the participation and integration of the kids of the locality, through the realization of different ludic dynamics related with orienteering in an entertainment area, as a learning methodology in non formal education. The second activity was developed (5th February 2019)  inside the educational field, in a school of Elche (Alicante) named Clara Campoamor with kids of primary education that were coursing year 6. With this activity, we wanted to promote the development of certain skills and values that can boost the process of inclusive and collaborative education as well as creating a place to think about ordinary life situations and team-level work dynamics.

How did your idea come up ?

This local activities born in the 2 trainig course of the project EUASAN in Alicante, were we work together as Spanish team to develop and create the structure of the local activity with the support of the trainer. Sincerely when we were offered the chance to create a local activity we were extremely excited for being able to put into practice what we had learned. In the beginning in the TC in Spain we decide to create a unique activity for the school, but after we talk, share and see the realities in our environment we decide to develop 3 activities and focus on different target groups and concepts, as we thought that will be more reach for the community and also for us as a learning process. This is why we decided on creating three activities in different days. Everything planned on paper, the challenge was doing it as good as we could as all the benefits were for the kids. All the work it supposed, we were ready to take it.

Pitfalls /Difficulties

From my point of view what I’ve learned more has been organization and so on, because as a monitor with the kids, I have not had any problem. As for the difficulties we have had during the local activity, from my point of view they have been few, since I have had a great team that we have planned previously almost all the possible negative options. When we had a complicated group with the help of Silvia and Marina we were able to solve the problems easily and effectively. But in my case I have learned a lot about how to organize an event from scratch. Since I had always been a participant and had never reconsidered everything that entails (permits, material, organization of activities etc …). An experience that I would undoubtedly repeat again.

In my case, the main difficulty I had to face was fear. Because I didn’t have direct experience organizing activities from scratch, and I didn’t know how it was going to go exactly, I found myself in a situation of uncertainty about the quality of the activities we had decided to develop. In the end, everything turned out to be much better than I expected, due to my low expectations in my personal performance due to the role I played within the project, but I consider that it has helped me in many aspects, since seeing the good result obtained has made me trust my actions more in my way of dealing with children from a personal and professional point of view at the same time.

In relation to the difficulties encountered when executing the local activity at community level, both in the one carried out in La Hoya and in the Clara Campoamor School as well as in the reforestation, there have not been great difficulties, given that they have been simple, practical and of short duration in time. The main difficulties I have found basically in the coordination when establishing a schedule to carry out the same, and that because of team time in terms of working hours and studies, it has been difficult to set dates on which we could all agree. However, in spite of this, we managed to organize ourselves, to make a good distribution of tasks so that the work would be as equitable as possible. The group that we made of whatsapp also favoured that we could communicate to establish periodic meetings and, in the same ones, to concretize those aspects that were remaining pending.

Strong points of your local activity
(interesting methods and innovative ideas)

Generally, the three of us, the organizers, are very satisfied with the work we did during the execution of this activity and the results we got, as the boys and girls that came acquired the tools and values of team working while they were also having fun.

Without any doubt, the second activity was the most gratifying and with which we are more satisfied to have done, given the level of participation and implication in the task, as well as the high number of participation. We consider that the goals were achieved as we had planned. With the debriefing, we could get a lot of information: group’s profile and the roles played by each kid inside the classroom. We use the orientation method for the activity.

The concept of this local activities was very well share as was a lot of people and the evaluation of the work that we did, was very much appreciated from kids and parent. We have also asked the parents and they have valued very positively these activities and some of them have made us come to the need for more community activities and especially promote sport among children as a means of integration and inclusion, cooperative games, participatory.


To carry out this project the coordination of the components of the team has been indispensable, we had settled a goal from the very beginning and showed all the predisposition needed to go on and portray every idea and proposals that we had. With determination, dedication, persistence and effort, the three of us together managed to get the optimal results, if it had not been like that, we could not have been able to go further with the project. Besides that, in this project we also got other agents’ help as we had our organization’s volunteers that are part of ACD La Hoya, who helped with the development of the idea offering their support and dedication when executing the activity. We also counted with the school’s collaboration as the teaching team helped us with the kids’ information, sending the authorizations and in the schedule’s distribution of the different groups.


The process we followed to share the local activity were these:
In the activity in Torre del Gall” of La Hoya, co,brunting with 20 boys and girls.
1. Each organizer wrote a post in their individual profiles in which we talked about what we were going to do. We did this in order to call people’s attention.
2. We shared the activity through WhatsApp groups and to people who we thought that could be interested in this activity.
3. We provided information to known families with the objective of increasing their participation.

Talking about the second activity in the primary school Clara Campoamor of Elche with kids from 6th year, as it was a closed group, we tried to make all the students from said course to participate. The information was spread by tutors and authorizations that were sent before our arrival. In this activity, we counted with approximately 100 kids. In the third activity, we had around 100 participants and we have the articles and also the TV that give a dissemination of the project and activities that we did, we also create a poster. Besides all this, for all activities, we created an article for the newspaper to inform our community about the project.

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