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Dissemination Summary

The local action of the AENAO NGO (http://aenao.org) succeeded to disseminate the results of the EUASAN (EurAsian Social Active Nation Project Number:589994-EPP-12017-1-EL-EPPKA2-CBYACPALA) program. The EUASAN project under the EU Erasmus + program aims to promote co-operation between Europe and Asia with a view to the social development of participating countries and organizations in Europe (Greece, Spain, Hungary) and Asia (India, Vietnam). The activity of the Greek action team took place on Sunday 17th March in Aristotelous Square, at the Center of Thessaloniki, with the participation of scouts 12-17 years from the 6th Scout Scout System of Neapolis, 16th Scout System of Pefka and 21st Scout Scout System with the assistance of volunteers.The activity was consisted of three main games focusing on the topics of leadership, cooperation and acceptance of difference. The three parts were happening at the same time in different places of the city center. The kids were separated into three smaller groups and had three hours to pass from the three different spots.The program included a variety of sports,workshops and experiential activities based on non-formal education methods, learning by doing and education through sports. In each section the participants had the chance to reflect on what they learnt, how they felt during the activity and what they did not like. The action was organized by EUASAN participants who participated in the two training seminars in India and Spain through Erasmus + and were trained on "Personal Development and Leadership for Society Development" and "Education through Sport Tools / Methods for training of trainers in social development ". During the action information brochures were distributed to passers-by and they were informed about the program.After the implementation of the activity articles, and videos were produced and shared online through e-presses and websites.