Kick-off meeting

EUASAN 1st Report @ Thessaloniki, Greece

The EUASAN kick off meeting was held in Thessaloniki, Greece, from 8th to 13th of January 2018. There were six attendants, one of them was the coordinator of the project AENAO NGO.

The group of attendants consists of the organizations that are presented below:

Day 1

Presentation of EUASAN project presentation of each partner’s organization. training courses India, from 18 th to 26 th of May titled “Self-development &leadership for community development”, participants’ profile and proposed selection committee Spain from 22 th to 30 th of October 2018 named “Education through sport tools/methods for community development training of trainers” local activities final evaluation meeting in Vietnam, from 6 th to 11 th of May 2019.

Day 2

Dissemination plan Logo design Open call for participants in both trainings Questionnaire for organizations

Day 3

Signing the contracts Co financial issues by the partners Toolkit development

Day 4

Overview of topics & Budget distribution

ACD la Hoya Description for the kick-off meeting @ Thessaloniki, GR