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After 2 training sessions from India and Spain with all of new knowdlege and experience, Vietnameses participants have  created the local project in a day for 57 teenagers / youth about Non formal education through sport  and physical activities.

The local activity was organized on Sat, 23rd Feb in Ba Vi National park with 57 youth leader ( 12-16 years old) who were actived volunteers in their school and community. The project was led by both Vietnamese local volunteers and Western volunteers.

1. Preparation – How the ideas come up?

We had a group of 6 international volunteer and 3 youth worker who took part in the TC in India and Spain. They had discussed for 2 days to design a schedule and games for children.

When we did research about the training, we realized that very few of Vietnam teenager have awareness about Non- formal Education. They don’t know what is it. So we decided that the first part of the activity will be inform them what is NFE.

Here is our 3 main topics for the training:

  • What is NFE and what you have learnt through NFE around you?

We tell them what is Formal Education and prepared pictures of 20 activity ( both of formal and non- formal education). Then divided them into 3 groups to play game. This game they can separate what is Formal Edu and Non- Formal Edu.

We asked them: following this game, can you tell me: What is NFE? And collected all of their ideas in a board.

We concluded by give them the definition of NFE

Asked them what NFE have you learnt so far?

  • NFE by sport activity:

WE have designed games

  • How to include your friend in NFE by sport.

They discussed in group about their plan to get their friend involve in NFE through sport

We print our flyer and send them to the all participants.

2. Selection of participants

SJ Vietnam had cooperated with CAME social center and a net work of youth leader in secondary school.

– 52 youths  leader have been chossen to be in the trainning, all are active students in school and have a good ability in doing outdoor activities.

3. Working on project

General plan :

– 8:00 : Start from SJ Vietnam office,travel to Bavi national park

– 9:30 : Arrive,

– 9:35 : Morning session – Workshop and Theory about Non formal education and physical activities, leadership.

There are 3 main topic that the activity focus on:

  1. What is NFE and What you has learnt by NFE around you.
  2. NFE by sport activity
  3. How to include your friend in NFE by sport.


– 10:30 : quick break

– 10:15 : Small game : Transfer water with plastic cup :

 Participants will be split to 4 team and each team have to work together to find out the best way to transfer water from the front to the end of the table in a shortest time.

– 10:45 : End game, disscuss and get lession from the game

– 11:30 : Questions and answers.

– 12:00 : Lunch break

– 13:30 : Game : “kéo co” – a team work traditional Vietnamsese game, there are 4 team play the games in 3times with 3 different rules

– 15:30 : End game, disscuss, get lessions through the game and exchange experience

– 16:00 : Finish

the youth has learnt about the new concept of NFE and experienced many activities which they can apply in their school, they also have inspiration to implement what they learn in their community.
SJ Vietnam
Participants and volunteers are playing game Kéo co

End of project

  • Facilitators ask the participants about :
  1. What happened in the games? Can you describe?
  2. Can you share your feeling in the game?
  3. Was it difficult to communicate, cooperate with others, your team mate?
  4. Why? Can you explain?
  5. Can you work with other participants/ or by your self, to organize this activity for other of your friends?

–  Participants make a short report about what they have learned after the activities

  • Results:

– Improve their leadership skills

– Learning from the other participants and volunteers and coordinators

– Archiving another tool to apply sport into education and return.

– Realizing the importance of physical activities as well as sports

5. Benefit

- Youth and students have a great oputinity to get a new knowdlege and experience of an inportant project and many people have a chance to get infomation of it. - All participants had a great day of activities, improve the outdoors skills as well as communication and improving the leadership abilities. - SJ Vietnam have reached more movated volunteers and youth for the following projects.

6. Strong point and difficulties

Strong point: All participants are active member in the youth leader network and they can influent and easy to get their friends get involve in the dissemination activity.


– All children are at secondary school and they were going to school at week day. We have to choose a suitable time to fit with their schedule.

– They have no ideas about NFE.