Report for Final Evaluation @Vietnam

HANOI – VIETNAM, June 29th- July 04th 2019

Every two participants from each organizations that are presented below:

  • ACD LA HOYA – Spain
  • Hope for Children – Hungary
  • AENAO- Greece.
  • SJ – Vietnam

Day 1- 29th June: Arrival of all participants.

Day 2- 30th June:

SJ Vietnam presented about their activities in Vietnam and general information about Vietnam.

AENAO, the coordinating organization presented  the project in general ( Aims, Objectives, background, results…).

Natassa  from AENAO ,in charge of the e-tool   presented the E-tool of the project, received feedback , revised it and informed partners for their obligation , to  translate it setting deadline.

All partners discussed the dissemination plan. Each partner presented their dissemination plan in their own countries.

ACD LA HOYA – Spain suggested the deadline for the plan on 1st August so that each partners will have more time for the dissemination.

All partners discussed about the weakness and strengths of the project and suggested movements to improve it.

AENAO presented about analyzing and evaluating   the impact and results of project.

+ ACD LA HOYA suggested to create a questionnaire for Youth Workers about the impact of the project.  All partners contributed to the questionnaire

+ ACD LA HOYA will create a google link for the questionnaire.

Day 3- 1st July:

All Youth Worker presented the local activities that they had implemented in their own country.  Some questions asked about the target of the local activities and dissemination plan for the local activity.   Hungary: Our dissemination was on Instagram, facebook, website. Spain: Our target group is everybody because we are working for community development.AENAO GREECE created a video, uploaded it to youtube, and used media, web, and social media for dissemination

AENAO presented about budget guidelines and everyone agreed to have a deadline for submitting the final budget no later than 8th July and send to Katerine the boarding passes.  

Day 4,5- 2nd,3rd of July:

Everyone working on the final report

Evaluation of the meeting

Partnership proposals

Day 6- 4th July:

Departure of all participants.