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2nd Newsletter

1st Training Course

From 18th – 26th May 2018, the Training Course of the project  EurAsian Social ActiveNation with Project number: 589994-EPP-1-2017-1-EL-EPPKA2-CBY-ACPALA took place in Aurangabad, India hosted by DISHA International Foundation Trust and partners Hope for Children /Hungary, ACD LA HOYA / Spain, AENAO (Center of Non-formal education) / Greece,         SJ Vietnam / Vietnam.

During the TC the youth workers took part in the first phase of the training and learned about the importance of project implementation and the awareness of ‘leadership skills’. They visited local communities and institutes and realized the importance of being a ‘youth leader’ in community development. Participants were from five different countries and learned about the realities of Strength, Weaknesses, opportunities and threats in similar field they work in.

Sessions during TC were: Introduction to leadership, Leadership competences, NGO market, team building, leadership styles, leadership in action, leadership evaluation/feedback, self-assessment, intercultural night, learning walk, discover the leader in me part 1 and 2, active learning and problem solving ,local Activity, Empowering myself & creativity, inclusion vs. exclusion / opportunities vs limitation, Empowering others, the Walt Disney strategy and practice.  

Dreams of participants

One of the interesting session was the “Presentation on your passion”; with the idea to share the passion of participants with each other be it something artistic, a song, a book, a painting, theatre , photography , comedy, sport) or something scientific (wild facts about dinosaurs, physics, a little chemistry experiment) or something socio-political (insights into the politics of the UN, interesting biographical facts of Mahatma Ghandi, etc.) or something very special, very personal ( family ) or sporty...etc. The point was to share the most important thing they feel passionate about and present it to the others. As a result each participant shared their own MOTO: